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1. How is an MPO formed?
2. Who makes up the GHMPO?
3. How is the GHMPO structured?
4. How is the MPO funded?
5. Are MPO committee meetings open to the public?
6. What is the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)?
7. What is the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)?
8. Is a road in my area going to be widened?
9. What is the traffic count on a specific roadway/count station?
10. If I don’t or can’t drive, what options are available to me?
11. How can I get involved?
12. Why does it take so long to build a project after it is identified in the transportation plan?
13. How often are the LRTP and TIP updated?
14. Can I be included in an e-mail notification list?
15. Who do I contact about traffic signal timings?
16. How can I find out about the details on a road project?
17. Are all transportation projects listed in the TIP or LRTP?