About Us

The Gainesville-Hall Metropolitan Planning Organization (GHMPO) is the intergovernmental transportation planning body for Hall County and a portion of western Jackson County. The GHMPO conducts the federally mandated transportation planning process for the Gainesville Urbanized Area and portions of the Atlanta Urbanized Area, as identified in the 2010 U.S. Census.

Public Participation
An important part of this planning process is the public's participation in developing long term goals and setting short term priorities for the region's transportation system. 

We invite you to review the information and plans provided here, and provide us with your thoughts and feedback regarding the transportation issues facing our area. 
Map of the Gainesville-Hall Metropolitan Planning Organization Planning Area
  1. September 2017 - First Ever GHMPO Retreat Held

    GHMPO held its first ever retreat on September 7, 2017 for all GHMPO committees, staff, and interested public. This retreat highlighted the inner workings of GHMPO as well as provided education regarding a multitude of transportation-related topics. Read on...
  2. March 2017: Transit Development Plan Adopted

    The GHMPO Policy Committee adopted an update of the Hall Area Transit Development Plan (TDP) in March 2017. The TDP assesses the current service characteristics and then makes recommendations to expand and improve service over the next four years. Read on...
  3. September 2016: Transit Development Plan Undertaken

    The Gainesville-Hall Metropolitan Planning Organization, in association with Hall Area Transit, has undertaken an update of the Hall Area Transit Development Plan. The goal is to develop a 5-year plan. The plan will be completed by November 30, 2016. Read on...
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