Hall County Crash Profile

The Hall County Crash Profile Report (PDF) dated 2008 offers detailed information on auto accidents within the county. The report answers the questions of how many, how severe, what kind and where motor vehicle crashes happen on the region's roadways, information that can be used to help local, state and federal agencies pinpoint high-risk locations, identify contributing factors and determine roadway safety needs. Crashes involving pedestrians, bicyclists and commercial vehicles are also examined.

Critical Analysis Reporting Environment (CARE) software categorizes available crash data from GDOT and converts it into tables and maps giving the user a clearer picture of accident locations throughout the county. Data used for this report covers an 8-year period between 2000 and 2007.

In 2016, the crash profiles below have been created based on the crash data available from the Georgia Electronic Accident Reporting System (GEARS), an online crash data tool, newly developed by the Georgia Department of Transportation.  This online tool has crash data from 2011 through 2015.

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